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February 21, 2011

Welcome to the New Online Pulpit!

The new Online Pulpit aims to connect pastors and church leaders to InterVarsity Press’s many helpful ministry resources. A new slate of IVP authors who are also working pastors—like Jim Belcher, James Bryan Smith and Todd Hunter—will describe their experiences, answer perennial questions and expand on the responsibilities of being a pastor today. They’ll cover a wide range of topics, including the church calendar, prayer, preaching and leadership. Combined with excerpts from new and classic IVP books, occasional posts from our editors and others, and an archive of posts from previous years, the new Online Pulpit will enlighten, encourage and equip you for day-to-day ministry.

Another new element: We have moved to a traditional blog format. This means more posts more often—and you will be able to comment on any posts! It also means a subject index, a calendar index, links to online resources, and a search engine. And you’ll still be able to find and read articles from the original Online Pulpit, which will be moved into the new blog format so that they are linked from the subject index, calendar index and search engine.

We are very thankful for the many articles contributed to the Online Pulpit in its first years by pioneering pastor Craig Loscalzo and a second wave of pastor/writers, Rick Ezell, Candie Blankman, Gerry Koning, Joan Tyvoll, Lee Cook and Matthew Rogers. They’ve all become increasingly busy with new projects and pursuits, so they hold the double honor of launching and sustaining the original Online Pulpit from the late 1990s to the present and catalyzing its reinvention in 2011.

We hope the Online Pulpit will become your hub for helpful pastoral and church resources—not just from IVP but from around the Internet. Please stop by again soon to read upcoming post on Lent reflections and preparation for Holy Week. And please engage in the posts with your comments, questions and dialogue.

Posted by Nate Baker-Lutz at 1:02 PM