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April 3, 2012

Letter 2: The Gospel of the Bible

Tim Challies, pastor of Grace Community Church in Toronto, loves what he sees so far. He is proud to proclaim his part in the church. But he has a growing concern that we are losing touch with the most important thing: the gospel.

Dear Church,

I love you. I’m proud to be part of you. I look around at all the church is accomplishing in the world, all the ways it is living out its mandate, and my heart is just full of joy, full of pride. I see what so many of you are doing, how you are living, and I want to let the whole world know, yes, I’m on their team! They’re on mine!

But Church, I’ve been asked to write you a letter. And in this letter I want to challenge you on one thing, one fundamental thing that seems like it may be in danger of getting lost or getting kicked aside. In the middle of all we do, we may just be losing sight of the heart of it all.

Church—the Bible tells us we are brothers and sisters—we’ve got to get the gospel right. The true gospel. The real gospel. The gospel of the Bible, the one that stands at the very heart of the Christian faith, the one on which the church stands or falls. There are all kinds of gospels floating around out there, all kinds of gospels competing with one another. And amid all of these gospels, we need to discover, or rediscover, or cling to and proclaim the real one, the true one, the only one that fully and finally matters. The only one that saves. We have got to get the gospel right.

I want the church to be excited about new kinds of church community. But not unless we’ve got the gospel right. I want the church to be serving the poor, to be standing with the widow and orphan, to be living in a radically different way. But how can we really serve anyone else until we’ve got this one thing right?

So what is the gospel? What is this good news that gets Christians so excited? What does the Bible call us to believe, to embrace, to take into all the world? That’s what I want to share with you now.

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