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March 11, 2015

The Informed Imagination

For years Michael Card’s music has imaginatively explored the narrative power of the Word of God. In the Biblical Imagination Series, Card invites readers to engage with scripture with an informed imagination, which embraces the imagination as the bridge between our hearts and our minds. It’s where our theological thoughts and musing can meet our hearts, where we love and act on behalf of God.

It is on this bridge where pastors are meant to call their congregations. It is certainly not enough to just teach deep theological ideas without also moving God’s people into the work of his kingdom and it is not enough to motivate people to service without an understanding of why their service is so important.

In the Biblical Imagination Series, Card uses this approach to Scripture with each of the four Gospels and illuminates the styles and passion of each Gospel’s author, as well as their context and the strength of each gospel. This series can be a strong ally in the mission of any pastor or teacher whose goal is to help inform imaginations.

For more videos featuring Michael Card discussing each book and performing a song from each book’s companion album, click here.

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