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June 11, 2015

Rescuing the Gospel from the Cowboys

The following is an excerpt from the foreward to Rescuing the Gospel from the Cowboys by Richard Twiss. It was written in unison by Richard’s friends Terry LeBlanc, Randy Woodly, Adrian Jacobs and Ray Aldred.

Richard was enigmatic. On the one hand, as he made clear in the closing years of his life, he was a common man. Yet undoubtedly, in many ways he was not. He became, for many in the wider Indigenous community, “the voice of one crying in the wilderness,” inviting believers to make straight paths for people to find Jesus. Denominational and doctrinal competition that encroached on his early experience of faith set Richard up to return to the simple message of Jesus—a highly-energized story of a Jesus stripped of colonial baggage. And Richard used his unique style and affable sense of humor to communicate this like no one else ever could.

Richard was a foil to anyone who encumbered the message of Jesus with culturally-bound prejudice. He presented a simple path to faith— inviting people to be all they could be through a renewed relationship with Creator’s son. He welcomed everyone to be a part of what Creator was doing among us, making everyone feel special in the process. We hope you will sense his generous spirit as he welcomes you to broaden your horizons—to come to understand a world where, in Richard’s words, “The Gospel is being rescued from the cowboys!”

In his final work, Richard Twiss provides a contextualized Indigenous expression of the Christian faith among the Native communities of North America. He surveys the painful, complicated history of Christian missions among Indigenous peoples and chronicles more hopeful visions of culturally contextual Native Christian faith.

Twiss gives voice to the stories of Native followers of Jesus, with perspectives on theology and spirituality plus concrete models for intercultural ministry. Future generations of Native followers of Jesus, and those working crossculturally with them, will be indebted to this work.

For more on Richard and his work, visit www.ivpress.com/twiss.

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